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about teagen rose
With obesity at an all time high and Americans becoming increasingly sedentary, our On site trainer Teagen Rose has one goal, To turn it around.
Teagen, a native from Houston Texas, has a serious passion for fitness and wellness. Teagen discovered his love for fitness as a football athlete in high school and college. "Something About the accountability and discipline my football coaches held me to resonated with me, so I train my clients to that same standard "says Rose.

          One of his brothers suffered from obesity and died from a heart attack in 2004. Not only did his brother’s death solidify his own resolve to remain fit, it sparked a desire within Teagen to help others get in shape. In 2009, after becoming Certified, he began establishing his own fitness brand.
“I would like to see everyone embracing fitness as a way of life; and be remembered as doing something that has been around, but doing it in a fun way.” says Rose. But his ultimate goal for the future is simple.

“If I can inspire or help one person from having the same fate as my late brother, I know that my mission is Truly accomplished,” says Rose.
Teagen Specializes in Weight Loss Muscle Gain and Also Meal And Workout Planning


Packages Sessions are from 50-60 min Long. Client Must give 2 hour notice of cancellation. Any injuries or surgeries (breast implants etc.) should be shared with Teagen before beginning program at consultation. In this Mandatory consultation we will discuss goals, habits, and get measurements and scheduling established, as well as a small workout to determine conditioning level. 50-60 min

  • The  "Quick Fit" Package
    5 SESSIONS $575.00
    (115.00 PER SESSION
  •                            Online/Virtual Training
  •                    10 Session Level Up  (Full) Virtual
                                   $800 (80.00/session)
  10 Session  Level Up (Half) Virtual
$550.00 (55.00/Session)
  • The "Level Up" Package
    10 Sessions ( $1050.00)
    ( 105.00 PER SESSION)
  •                              Online/Virtual Training
  •                     10 Session Level Up  (Half) Virtual
  •                                  $550.00 (55.00/Session)
  •                                10 Session  Level Up (Full) Virtual
  •                $800 (80.00//session)   (Full) Virtual
  • The "Teagen Technique" Package
    20 Sessions ($1840.00)
      ( 92.00 PER SESSION)
  •                              Online/Virtual Training
  •                    10 Session Level Up  (Half) Virtual
  •                                  $550.00 (55.00/Session)
  •                    10 Session  Level Up (Full) Virtual
  •                                   $800 (80.00/session)



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